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Based in Sydney, Australia, the Amadeus Custom Development team brings 20 years of experience in designing and delivering enterprise software applications and web based portal design to the travel community.

Whether you need our experts to develop a brand new application for you, wish to integrate or synchronise your content with Amadeus, or merely look for our technical recommendations before building your own software, we work with you every step of the way from fully understanding your business objectives to product concept and implementation to ensure your bespoke solution effectively meets your needs. Come and visit us in Surry Hills!

Booking is needed to access our showroom, contact us at 3pcd@au.amadeus.com

The Amadeus Custom Development team is dedicated to delivering tailored IT solutions that optimise the performance of travel agencies in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Our team operates on a fee based service model with projects ranging in size from small and medium projects, such as creating Smart tabs in your front office to high-profile industry initiatives such as automated quality and ticketing robots. Our processes include, but are not limited to, gathering requirements, assisting with content organisation, creating custom designed prototypes, importing content and ongoing website maintenance.

Solutions delivered can easily be accessible via a web portal dedicated to travel agencies and take the shape of either an ‘on demand’ i.e. triggered as needed service or configured to a set run time routine via a ‘scheduler’.

Because the platform environment is offered as an ASP model, other than possessing the need for internet access and allowances in network security e.g. ‘trusted sites’ and ‘firewall’ access, there are no additional prerequisites.

  • Absolutely NO technical investments in terms of hardware purchases.
  • NO unnecessary ‘client’ software installation needed on local machines.
  • An intuitive environment makes for minimal or NO training needs to ‘know’ how to operate the system.

Feel free to contact our Custom Development team for more information on our development and consultancy services at 3pcd@au.amadeus.com

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